Joshua, head guide on the great Kilimanjaro mountain


Thank you for letting me walk in your footsteps. You brought me up that mountain. Every time I looked at you in pain an suffering, I saw your patience, trust and understanding. Although you have been on the mountain more than a hundred times with over hundreds of people, you are still capable to find patience and understanding for each individual.

Once I had a lecture of a great man, who endured great suffering caused by South African’s regime of apartheid. He thought us that although you suffer and live in great fear, you have to look up! We all have skills and capabilities that we need to apply in life to make our world a better place. The moment he could, he started studying and ended up being a world wide famous Prof. on leadership. He once created a list with people he honoured and then started to actually visit them. Great names like Kissinger, Tutu and Mandela. 

You Joshua made me see that great people are not always great names. Your leadership skills being the leader of an expedition of over 150 people is a great example to me. You trust, you don’t necessarily control. However by trusting your people you have it all under control, knowing that each one next in line knows perfectly what to do and how to do it. Thank you so much for your guidance and lesson! Asante Sana!

(It takes 10 to 16 years of experience on the mountain before one can become a licensed head guide. Even then you have to take numerous tests. Being a head guide takes great responsibility since you are responsible for the wellbeing of over 150 people. You have to make decisions that aren’t always in line with what the (Western) mind thinks is demanded. Your decisions sometimes actually determine life or death. see also:

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