ARIS 9 for best-in-class SAP Solutions slides by Software AG

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” title=”ARIS 9 for best-in-class SAP Solutions slides by Software AG”>ARIS 9 for best-in-class SAP Solutions slides by Software AG

These slides give a good first overview of Process-Driven SAP Management for the entire SAP Life-cycle.

bQuind BV ( created an unique methodology that will cover all needed aspects such as:

  1. Scheduling & planning,
  2. Roadmap
  3. Business case(s)
  4. stakeholder management,
  5. implementation af ARIS,
  6. convention manual,
  7. structure, filters, semantic checks
  8. user-management
  9. IDM integration
  10. Reporting
  11. technical and functional documentation,
  12. training,
  13. integration with SAP Solution Manager
  14. synchronisation
  15. projectmanagement 

We have created a 4-hour overview session on ARIS 9 for SAP. This session will either be held open at our office in Naarden, The Netherlands or in-company. Several cases and references will give you a quick-start. As a consecutive session we can help you to create a clear roadmap for implementation/migration to ARIS 9.

For more information or contact me directly.

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