BPM Communication (Part4) – New developments and innovations


There are some developments in BPM that have a strong impact on  the way people work together in BPM projects and transitions and in the way the Business Process Model is used. This makes it even more important to have a suitable BPM communication plan.

Some mayor developments:

  • BPM in the Cloud; makes it easier to create and access models from different locations.
  • Collaborative design and modeling; people can actually work together on the same model from different locations at any time; in the organization and between organizations.
  • Big Data; Terracotta and SAP HANA create possibilities for rapid process analytics. Process information is real-time accessible for the different stakeholders through in-memory technology.
  • Case Management; Integration of Business Process Management, Workflow Management, QA and ERP.

Vendors of BPM suites are well aware of the fact that communication is crucial for the success of the BPM project and transition. In their innovations they create more suitable channels and sources of information that can be used to collaborate and communicate.

Although we see this development within all BPMS vendors, in this chapter we focus on SAP and Software AG. Most of the BPM software is already being discussed in the other chapters.


SAP started their revival of BPM some years ago. SAP understands that BPM is an important method to keep processes aligned between business and the IT environment and that BPM is a key factor in improvement of processes.

SAP NetWeaver provides a modeling environment that allows users to visually design and model business processes for execution within and beyond enterprise boundaries. It supports a wide variety of business processes, ranging from unstructured and flexible, collaborative workflows to highly structured long running transactions that occur across multiple systems owned by different business partners[i].

Figure 5: Collaborative process modeling models presented in NetWeaver Developer Studio

With SAP NetWeaver for BPM, SAP provides the following capabilities:

  1. Exploits business-process efficiency by giving your business users the ability to directly model, manage, monitor, and analyze business processes
  2. Enables continuous process improvement and the dynamic modification of business processes
  3. Extends the value of your company’s core business investment and maximizes the return on its strategic assets by providing the ability to change process rules without additional IT investment
  4. Provides greater visibility into critical business operations for better decision making by delivering the right information at the right time
  5. Allows the integration of people, applications, and internal and external resources

Figure 6: Process modeling options with SAP Solutions

With the integration of SAP StreamWork with SAP NetWeaver BPM, SAP provides a possibility to actually collaborate on modeling processes.The collaborative process modeling tool in SAP StreamWork is a web-based real-time tool for modeling business processes using the BPMN (Business Process Modeling and Notation) standard.

It allows people through their browsers to model business processes and instantly share how these processes are created. Furthermore, the additional tools offered by SAP StreamWork (like discussions, tables, file sharing, inviting people to an activity) really strengthen the ad-hoc collaborative nature of this tool[ii].

Software AG

Software AG provides their ARIS Business Publisher[iii]. It provides users with structured, context-related information on the enterprise and its processes. You can display information according to process or role within the company or by project.

New developments in this area are the Dynamic Publisher with high-performance, on-demand generation of all process content based on user access. Count on fast export times as well as the flexibility to select a preferred viewing style.

Figure 7: ARIS Business Publisher

For the ARIS Business Publisher also a Mobile pack & go solutions is available. In addition to dynamic business publishing, one or more models can be published as a fully navigable static HTML export. Static exports can be packaged and distributed to employees who are not on line or don’t have access to the underlying dynamic Web technology.

Highly flexible presentation & communication

Process content can be presented according to your corporate design or the needs of your target groups. Employees can arrange and display the information they need in the browser. New sources of information can be integrated easily using JavaScript, XML or HTML.

This was the last part of this blog describing BPM communications.

[i] SAP Solution Brief; Business Process Management with SAP NetWeaver

[ii] Uncovering the value of collaborative process modeling with SAP StreamWork; Eduardo Chiocconi; 25 january 2012

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