BPM Communication (Part 2) – BPM Communications in B-Air Airline Company

B-Air Business process Model

B-Air described their processes in ARIS. Business analysts gather all necessary information from the employees, managers, HR employees and documentation to be able to create an business process model. They created an overview showing the tasks and events in the HR processes, covering the end-to-end process called Hire-to-Retire. The model exists of several layers and of two parts: the Business decomposition and the Functional decomposition.


Figure 2: Business process Model in layers and decompositions

The Business decomposition is created to be able to present the model to people in the business such as executives, unit managers and business analysts. The Functional decomposition is used to synchronize to SAP Solution Manager and for blue printing. It shows an overview of the process and the attached requirements in a report that is used by developers for reasons of configuration and by testers for requirement based testing.

BPM stakeholders

B-Air defined the following stakeholder groups that are also the audiences of the messages in the BPM communication plan:

  • Business end-users,
  • Business analysts,
  • Business architects,
  • BPM modelers,
  • Process owners,
  • Business managers.

B-Air described clear definitions per stakeholder group. This way all messages and used communication channels can be aligned with the needs per group.

All stakeholders all have a specific role in the BPM project because each person with a specific business process role has knowledge of the processes and also has specific requirements to the model and to the way it is presented and when it is presented.


Figure 3: roles in processes (BPM Framework by IDS-Scheer).

Next time I will discuss the BPM Communications Strategy and Plan.


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